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Class: of high quality, integrity, status, or style

This club is dedicated to portrayals of women in a respectful, thoughtful, beautiful way. It's not about women just being sexy to appeal to the view on a base level. There are lots of groups that do that, but that gets tedious and don't really show women beyond their sexual appeal. We want to show off women with some personality.

Not every image will be accepted, but we are trying to include as much variety as we can. We want to off girls who are respectful but not wallflower, boring, submissive girls. There are groups that claim to celebrate the beauty of women but they mean purely on a physical level and we are hoping to take that and showcase something more. Membership is open to anyone!

You can submit one a day just so people don't add their whole galleries at once and then every member gets a whole bunch of messages but also one a day allows for pretty frequent submissions, so I think that's fair. The only category you can submit more on is Daily Deviations, because if you've earned more than 1 and they are group-relevant, you go ahead and add them.

**It may take ONE or possibly TWO days to approve if I am on vacation. That's not unreasonable. If there are a lot of submissions I don't go through all of them at once. Be patient. If you can only handle auto accept, then you're not going to get a quality group.

:bulletgreen: original art or fanart, visual art only
:bulletgreen: any media of artwork, but only works completely done by submitter (nothing you've had commissioned or collaberated on) and photomanipulation can only be usestock images, no copyrighted materials, must cite sources or mention they are your own
:bulletgreen: nudity or lingerie when it is tastefully done, but not when it's done just for the display of nudity
:bulletgreen: weapons unless a violent action scene
:bulletgreen: girls in a range from more tomboyish to girly girls. We want to see girls with personality and unique styles, not just pretty objects.
:bulletgreen: lineart that is made with clean lines
:bulletgreen: images of teen girls or adults
:bulletgreen: chibis unless they look too much like children
:bulletgreen: trans women (this does not include genderbending images)
:bulletgreen: any skill level artist is accepted if it looks like effort went into the picture
:bulletgreen: one photo or digital variation of the same image/photo shoot
:bulletgreen: human ladies or very close to human
:bulletgreen: images with emphasis on a woman and can be a head shot or image from behind, but no extreme cropped closeups. The head needs to be visible. We want a sense of who she is!

:bulletred: shiny boobs and outfits that show off huge cleavage, side boob, underboob, visible outlines of nipples and ass under clothes, pasties, panties above pants, exposed underwear, narrow genital coverings, or very high slits in dresses. Also, if you're image is just a clothed version to a NSFW Patron account, it won't be accepted. We aren't interested in advertising your pornography.
:bulletred: no blood, wounds, dirt, bruises, violence, visible internal organs, overly angry portrayals
:bulletred: clearly fetish pictures or anything with bondage/constraints
:bulletred: no crying/macabre images/dark or depressing subject matter/creepy images/skulls/skeletons/cemeteries/death.
:bulletred: Eating food if it's clear the food is a stand in for something else.
:bulletred: no smeared makeup or torn clothing
:bulletred: No vulgar gestures or written words. And any written words have to be grammatically correct.
:bulletred: No memes, sketches, sketch dumps, doodles, studies, scraps, rough work, tutorials, and stock images. No selfies or distracting watermarks (especially ones over face or most of body). No side by side image comparisons.
:bulletred: We no longer accept character reference sheets. That's not really art, it's reference material.
:bulletred: No poorly photographed or blurry images. No photographs of inanimate objects. If you are photographing an image, see guidelines here:
:bulletred: We don't allow you to submit and then retract images. If you really aren't sure if it belongs in the club to the point it pains you after it's submitted for it to be allowed in our humble club, then don't submit it. Honestly, it looks like you are trying to submit for exposure then remove so the club doesn't get any recognition back, and that's tacky. If you *do* feel like you need to remove a piece, note us with a reason why.
:bulletred: work made with doll generators or bases or anything else that isn't your own including other people's lineart. Also, no adoptables or advertisement images. This also includes any ads in the page's comments. Ads on the wall may result in a ban!

If your art is declined, send a note with the link or reply to the submission correspondence. Any questions about this group do that. Do not post on the wall or go to my personal art page. Basically it's because we feel your image didn't fit the theme of the group, but please ask if you want something more specific and just because one image doesn't fit doesn't mean you shouldn't keep submitting.

Going forward, tags will be part of the review.

Category disignations
:bulletblue: Featured: selected by admins, not open to members
:bulletblue: Featured: Daily Deviations: images (that are still club relvant) that have earned a DD
:bulletblue: Single Ladies: images of 1 person (small figures in distance don't count). If it's more than one image of the same person in the same image (like a close up and full body shot) put it here.
:bulletblue: Pairs or Groups of Ladies: Two or more adult women
:bulletblue: Ladies with Men: Any number of adult ladies with adult men (no children)
:bulletblue: Women with Children or Pregnant Women: Women with children, women with men and children, or any pregnancy pictures should go here

Group Info

Do you like drawing girls? Are you tired of seeing girl groups that have no moderation so you get a full inbox every day? Do you want to avoid groups mostly filled with borderline pornographic images? There are groups that are universal girls, groups about sexy girls, and groups about cute girls, but this is about chicness, sophistication and class.

Think: a little more Kate Middleton and a little less Kim Kardashian.
Founded 2 Years ago
Dec 11, 2015


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4,290 Members
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Please check out these groups! If you'd like to affiliate, have a related group or a general art group, have at least 100 members, and have an affiliate widget on your home page.

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I read through all of the comments, and thank you for sharing your thoughts (keep sharing if you have more thoughts!) I'm not going to outran not accept anything with the DA watermark, but if it is right on the middle of the face of the person, that is super distracting and can ruin the work. I do think there were some good tips, so sharing some thoughts:

1. adding a signature of your own makes it less jarring and can still mark your work, ideally towards a corner or bottom
2. thieves can steal/trace/ edit out DA or personal watermarks unfortunately, and those people suck.
3. you can save the file to a low res version and not allow download so at least people can't use it to make money.

I'm sorry for anyone who has experienced issues with art theft. I do see some art that goes so far overboard marking up the art that I can't even assess if it's good or not. I would recommend using some signature. From personal experience, save a high quality, non watermarked copy for yourself you don't upload. I previously added my own big watermarks (with my username) and then later when I wanted to submit in a portfolio, I ran into problems.

I totally get people want to protect their art from thieves taking it, but sometimes I feel it can really ruin a work. Especially the default "DA" mark sometimes just goes right over the face/main part of the image. We have an official rule against "distracting" watermarks which is vague, but would it be too much to not allow any with a DA mark? I've seen other clubs do that. If you want to do a signature, why not do it more discreetly towards the bottom? Has anyone actually dealt with art thieves or have thoughts on best protecting artwork without ruining artwork? I feel like if you slap a big ugly signature over the middle, why even share online if people can't really see the art?
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